Trabajo con diversos medios: instalación, vídeo y cajas de luz pero el material que consigue definirme es la pintura. Busco crear mi propia paleta en la que irrumpen texturas, dibujos ingenuos y breves textos que se mueven entre el azar y la intención con el fin de definir aquello que me rodea. Me interesa el proceso pictórico clásico e investigo la forma y la materia a través de la abstracción y el gesto.
El tema principal de mis obras es el estudio del individuo en la sociedad actual, de ahí una serie de obras figurativas que marcan el inicio de mi carrera, figura que ha ido desapareciendo del lienzo al advertir que no era necesaria para tratar la belleza de lo cotidiano. Profundizo en la conducta humana a través de mis propias vivencias para confeccionar un discurso sociológico, plural y contemporáneo que surge desde lo más íntimo.


When I was seventeen I went to Rome for the first time. It was a journey that led me to think years later that Rome was the beginning of everything. In 2003 I spent a year studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and ten years later I returned to Italy, to Udine specifically, during an academic year as a painting professor. Again here in Spain, I realize that wherever I am there is something that never changes: the fact of being an artist.
Being an artist is a way of life, and in my case I don’t think there is another. I can call it passion but it is certainly a necessity. I use several ways to express myself as an artist: photography, design, video and light boxes. But the one that defines me, is paint because I am a painter. Through textures, shades, naive drawings and short texts that come to life spontaneously, I try to define everything that surrounds me. I’m interested in classical pictorial painting. And through the abstraction and the gesture I investigate the form and material. This procedure is in a way similar to Informalism.
From the beginning, the focus of my work has been the study of the individual in the contemporary society, hence the series of figurative works that marked the beginning of my career. However, several years ago, my research led me to eliminate the figure from the painting. I noticed that there was no need to use this element to express everyday hidden beauty. I try to create a sociological, plural and contemporary discourse that emerges from the most intimate feelings, and I found no better way to do it than basing it on my own experience. I go more deeply into human behavior through my experiences. I draw upon my pain, fear, joy, peace, anxiety, etc. These are the states of the soul after all. And I represent them through harmonic compositions of colors and shapes. This procedure leads me to analyze my experiences from a conceptual perspective, and it shapes my artistic background, which helps me to deal with each stage of my life. This is the learning process that makes me who I am.
Not long ago I read an article by Rosa Olivares, she said that within each of us there is a biographer, only the artist decides to share it, and I agree. Moreover, in doing so I seek interaction and reflection from the audience. I want to reach the audience, and make them participate. I hope I am getting there.

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